Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift under 50, Vintage Brass Cage Heart Locket Necklace Filled with Genuine Sea Glass - Choose Color at Checkout - FREE Gift Wrap



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A vin heart jewelrytage brass heart shaped cage locket, measurin heart jewelryg 30 mm, holds pieces of gen heart jewelryuin heart jewelrye sea glass. The locket han heart jewelrygs from a beautifully detailed vin heart jewelrytage brass chain heart jewelry. Choose between heart jewelry cobalt blue, pale aqua or sea green heart jewelry.Perfect n heart jewelryecklace for a beach weddin heart jewelryg! This n heart jewelryecklace measures 26" an heart jewelryd closes with a sprin heart jewelryg rin heart jewelryg clasp.More heart jewelry can heart jewelry be foun heart jewelryd here: see more of my han heart jewelrydmade jewelry in heart jewelry my Etsy shop, click this lin heart jewelryk:WearYourWild.IG: @wearyourwildAll jewelry comes n heart jewelryestled in heart jewelry recycled, rustic kraft gift boxes tied with bakers twin heart jewelrye, jute strin heart jewelryg or wrapped in heart jewelry washi tape.FREE gift wrappin heart jewelryg is available upon heart jewelry request. You can heart jewelry see the available paper in heart jewelry the last photo. If you'd like your item gift wrapped please fill out the Person heart jewelryalization heart jewelry section heart jewelry at checkout.Than heart jewelryks for supportin heart jewelryg han heart jewelrydmade!Katie @ Wear Your Wild

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