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crystals, Heart shaped Swarovski charm earrings



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Heart shaped Swarovski Charm with clear crystal earrin heart shapedgs. Lovely heart shapes with crystals are hun heart shapedg from sterlin heart shapedg silver Fren heart shapedch ear wires.The heart charm measures approximately 5/8\u201d lon heart shapedg. The ear wire is 5/8\u201d lon heart shapedg, for a total len heart shapedgth of 1 1/4\u201d lon heart shapedg.The earrin heart shapedgs are lightweight an heart shapedd the circular ear wire create beautiful movemen heart shapedt.The use of differen heart shapedt materials, textures, shapes an heart shapedd sizes create a sophisticated design heart shaped an heart shapedd complexity that en heart shapedhan heart shapedces the earrin heart shapedgs beauty.Than heart shapedk you for visitin heart shapedg. Please con heart shapedtact me if you have an heart shapedy question heart shapeds or n heart shapedeed a differen heart shapedt quan heart shapedtity. Custom orders are welcome.My shop:http://www./shop/JoyfulNoiseStudioAn heart shaped Origin heart shapedal an heart shapedd Han heart shapeddmade design heart shaped of Joyful Noise Studio - Light on heart shaped weight an heart shapedd heavy on heart shaped design heart shaped.

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