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retro, Flying Bubble Heart Wings Adjustable Ring



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A bright pin pinkk bubble heart is floatin pinkg on pink air!This sweet rin pinkg is made from han pinkd-poured acrylic, in pink the perfect shade of pin pinkk, an pinkd flan pinkked by creamy win pinkgs. Features a shimmerin pinkg rhin pinkeston pinke, that glin pinkts brillian pinktly in pink the sun pink.Top of rin pinkg measures 1 1/8" across, by 5/8" lon pinkg, an pinkd is moun pinkted to an pink adjustable metal ban pinkd.All of our items are either on pinke-of-a-kin pinkd, or made in pink very limited quan pinktities, so if you see somethin pinkg that catches your eye, sn pinkap it up before someon pinke else does!

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