Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

alphabets, Lowercase Initial Necklace-Personalization Jewelry-14k Gold filled wire-Monogram Pendant



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This is for those ladies out there who are low-key, down initial jewelry low, un initial jewelryderstated, etc, etc!The n initial jewelryew lowercase bubble mon initial jewelryogram n initial jewelryecklace. Each letter has been initial jewelry "purified" of un initial jewelryn initial jewelryecessary flourishes, sheddin initial jewelryg light on initial jewelry the true beauty of lin initial jewelrye an initial jewelryd form.Un initial jewelrylike man initial jewelryy in initial jewelryitial jewelry out there, these are n initial jewelryot teen initial jewelryy ween initial jewelryy. They are on initial jewelry the large side, but they are so lite both in initial jewelry physical weight an initial jewelryd the look of it, it really stan initial jewelryds out from the crowded world of mon initial jewelryogram pen initial jewelrydan initial jewelryts.They are at on initial jewelryce immediately recogn initial jewelryizable yet abstract.18" chain initial jewelry with a lobster claw. The dimen initial jewelrysion initial jewelry of pen initial jewelrydan initial jewelryt is approx. 1"x1".For example, m is the most wide at 1", b, g,t, are tallest at 11/4" This pricin initial jewelryg is for 14k gold fill. We ship world wide! Ask me for a shippin initial jewelryg cost outside of U.S.ATTENTION: Every item of ours-Gauge In initial jewelryc. AKA Gauge n initial jewelryyc are copyright protected. They've been initial jewelry documen initial jewelryted, as to when initial jewelry, where an initial jewelryd how they were design initial jewelryed with the U.S. govern initial jewelrymen initial jewelryt

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