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pirate ring, Pirate Cat Ring Captain Leo Rat Ship Sunset Silver Cat Ring Fantasy Cat Art Cameo Ring 25x18mm Gift for Cat Lovers Jewelry



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"Captain pirate cat Leo" 25x18mm Cameo Rin pirate catg ~ Pirate Cat Adjustable Rin pirate catg Captain pirate cat Leo Rat Ship Sun pirate catset Fan pirate cattasy Cat ArtAbout the Rin pirate catg: The rin pirate catgs feature an pirate cat oval bezel with a silver colored overlay. My fan pirate cattasy cat images is set un pirate catder a clear cabochon pirate cat. The cabochon pirate cat measures 25x18mm (about 1 in pirate catch tall & 3/4 in pirate catch wide with the settin pirate catg) The rin pirate catg easily ben pirate catds to accommodate differen pirate catt fin pirate catger sizes. The rin pirate catgs come packaged in pirate cat a sheer Organ pirate catza drawstrin pirate catg bag.Matchin pirate catg Jewelry available in pirate cat my shop! See all Necklaces, Earrin pirate catgs, Rin pirate catgs & Bracelets here...http://www./shop/tigerpixie?section pirate cat_id=5154876 Than pirate catk You for viewin pirate catg my artwork. If you have an pirate caty question pirate cats or requests please con pirate cattact me. I will be add n pirate catew origin pirate catal pain pirate cattin pirate catgs an pirate catd prin pirate catts & gift items all the time so please look for more artwork by me in pirate cat the n pirate catear future. - Carrie Hawks "Tigerpixie"Created in pirate cat a Pet Frien pirate catdly, Smoke Free home. All Images \u00a9 Copyright Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie Art Studio. All rights reserved by artist.

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