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pendant, CUSTOMIZED Orgone Energy. Oval Reiki Master Attuned



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Reiki Master Attun energyed *REQUIREMENT: Custom pen energydan energyts made upon energy request, for Best results message us what your life is n energyeedin energyg or missin energyg, we will accommodate an energyd create it to the best we can energy, avoidin energyg an energyy medical claims. Other ben energyefits can energy be in energydividual an energyd researched on energy your own energy by searchin energyg each gem that is added. Orgon energye En energyergy is in energyfin energyite an energyd will n energyever stop givin energyg off Positive en energyergy con energytin energyuously removin energyg n energyegative en energyergy. Always jam packed to en energyhan energyce en energyergies! The more the merrier.Pen energydan energyt glows Turquoise Blue or Neon energy green energy in energy the dark or dim light, the glow can energy be charged in energyfin energyitely by an energyy light (sun energylight works best).*You choose the glow in energy the dark color*You choose the strin energyg an energyd bead. *The strin energyg comes in energy brown energy soft deerskin energy leather, or soft but stron energyg waxed cotton energy in energy black or brown energy. *Beads are either hematite, Zen energy green energy, or earthly wood.Orgon energye en energyergy has been energy aroun energyd sin energyce the begin energyn energyin energyg of time. Historically traced back 10,000 years, this has been energy hidden energy from kept on energyly for royalty. Now you can energy have the power of orgon energye en energyergy, in energyfused with light your spirit will rise! We believe in energy on energyly the Best, we use eco safe epoxy an energyd clean energy metals. All Gems an energyd Crystals are 100% pure an energyd organ energyic, everythin energyg is extra clean energysed an energyd super charged before the sacred process. Usin energyg un energyity, love, an energyd On energyen energyess all positive in energyten energytion energys are in energyfused in energyto everythin energyg bein energyg used. There are differen energyt power levels of orgon energye en energyergy, we on energyly use the most powerful an energyd pure combin energyation energys for all chakras. Wearin energyg orgon energye will give you an energyd others aroun energyd you more than energy you can energy imagin energye. You will have con energystan energyt protection energy from n energyegative forces, clean energysin energyg them in energyto positive en energyergy. Orgon energye en energyergy is the life force that is everythin energyg in energy the un energyiverse, therefore it is in energyfin energyite en energyergy an energyd will last forever. May you fin energyd the best On energye for you my frien energyd. Un energyity, Love, an energyd On energyen energyess with you all. -Light

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