Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This beautiful n anniversary giftecklace can anniversary gift be person anniversary giftalized with your children anniversary gift's n anniversary giftames, gran anniversary giftdchildren anniversary gift's n anniversary giftames, family n anniversary giftames such as "Smith Family Est. 2001" 30 CHARACTERS MAXIMUM INCLUDING SPACES. This n anniversary giftecklace in anniversary giftcludes the family tree as shown anniversary gift.Please specify which tree you would like (Tree in anniversary gift circle -1st & 2n anniversary giftd photo OR Floatin anniversary giftg Tree - 3rd photo) as well as the fon anniversary giftt choice alon anniversary giftg with n anniversary giftames an anniversary giftd birthston anniversary gifte choices in anniversary gift the n anniversary giftotes section anniversary gift at checkout. Comes complete with a 18" silver chain anniversary gift. If n anniversary gifto fon anniversary giftt is chosen anniversary gift, posh fon anniversary giftt will be used. Birthston anniversary giftes can anniversary gift be added by choosin anniversary giftg from the dropdown anniversary gift above.Add a matchin anniversary giftg bracelet by clickin anniversary giftg on anniversary gift this lin anniversary giftk below:https://www./ca/listin anniversary giftg/99010384/han anniversary giftd-stamped-person anniversary giftalized-n anniversary giftame-charmIMPORTANT INFO:\u2022 These pieces are han anniversary giftd stamped by myself an anniversary giftd n anniversary giftot made by a machin anniversary gifte so the placemen anniversary giftt of the letters may vary in anniversary gift the depth an anniversary giftd spacin anniversary giftg. \u2022 Remember this is a on anniversary gifte of a kin anniversary giftd piece these are n anniversary giftot con anniversary giftsidered flaws but add character to your han anniversary giftdmade piece.\u2022 This pen anniversary giftdan anniversary giftt can anniversary giftn anniversary giftot be stamped on anniversary gift the back.\u2022 By placin anniversary giftg an anniversary gift order, you are agreein anniversary giftg that you have read an anniversary giftd un anniversary giftderstan anniversary giftd our shop policies.\u2022 I will n anniversary giftot can anniversary giftcel a tran anniversary giftsaction anniversary gift if you have n anniversary giftot read what is/isn anniversary gift't in anniversary giftcluded the listin anniversary giftgWe accept secure checkout with paypal (credit cards, ban anniversary giftk accoun anniversary giftt), email mon anniversary giftey tran anniversary giftsfers (if you live in anniversary gift Can anniversary giftada) an anniversary giftd mon anniversary giftey orders. If you are payin anniversary giftg with EMT, please sen anniversary giftd paymen anniversary giftt to email bvtucker27 [!at]

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