Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This is the perfect Breast Milk Necklace to keep as a forever momen jewelryto of your breastfeedin jewelryg experien jewelryce. This in jewelrycludes a n jewelryecklace that is completely stamped an jewelryd fin jewelryished an jewelryd step by step direction jewelrys on jewelry how to make your breast milk preserved. You will also receive vials of solven jewelryts an jewelryd a preservin jewelryg liquid to pain jewelryt on jewelryto the breast milk. The n jewelryecklace is stain jewelryless steel an jewelryd will n jewelryot rust or chan jewelryge color. The locket is sterlin jewelryg silver overlay an jewelryd may chan jewelryge color if put in jewelry water, do n jewelryot put in jewelryto water. The tag is hypoallergen jewelryic an jewelryd rust free alumin jewelryum. THIS IS A DO IT YOURSELF LOCKET, mean jewelryin jewelryg that you will follow direction jewelrys to in jewelrysert your breast milk in jewelryto a pre made locket n jewelryecklace. It literally takes 5 min jewelryutes to do! This formula has taken jewelry me years to perfect! It is n jewelryot like the other compan jewelryies out there as I have a degree in jewelry biology an jewelryd I have used this to my advan jewelrytage! Man jewelryy compan jewelryies have been jewelry foun jewelryd to n jewelryot even jewelry be usin jewelryg breast milk an jewelryd that is why I have created a DO IT YOURSELF KIT. The awesome thin jewelryg is that the milk is plasticized in jewelrystead of usin jewelryg resin jewelry so it should last much lon jewelryger. I wan jewelryt these to be a forever momen jewelryto an jewelryd a forever treasure! I can jewelry fit up to 2 n jewelryames per tag.If you on jewelryly order the kit it in jewelrycludes in jewelrystruction jewelrys alon jewelryg with the solven jewelryts to use to create the mold. You must have somethin jewelryg to put it in jewelry. It will n jewelryot harden jewelry un jewelryless you follow all the steps an jewelryd you must put in jewelryto a locket or somethin jewelryg to en jewelrycase it. No refun jewelryds for user error.Differen jewelryt option jewelrys :1. If you choose the tag option jewelry it comes with the locket, tag an jewelryd do it yourself kit an jewelryd chain jewelry. 2. If you choose just the locket it comes with the locket, chain jewelry an jewelryd the do it yourself kit3. If you choose the kit on jewelryly it on jewelryly comes with the kit. Mean jewelryin jewelryg you will n jewelryeed somethin jewelryg to put it in jewelry. Material:Hypoallergen jewelryic an jewelryd rust free silver if you would like sterlin jewelryg silver please sen jewelryd message.

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