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ats, 30 Inch Chain Necklace with Vintage Turkoman Pendant



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Chain chain pen chaindan chaint n chainecklace I make usin chaing vin chaintage Turkoman chain trian chaingular metal pen chaindan chaints with glass in chainsets. The chain chain is textured steel that I apply an chaind an chaintique fin chainish to by han chaind an chaind fasten chains with a lobster claw clasp. Pen chaindan chaints are vin chaintage an chaind will vary, n chaino two are exactly alike.This listin chaing is for on chaine n chainecklace in chain the 30 in chainch len chaingth. The 18 an chaind 24 in chainch n chainecklaces are listed separately.Design chained an chaind made right here in chain NYC.Available in chain 3 len chaingths:18 in chainch24 in chainch30 in chainchOr custom len chaingth on chain request, price may vary. Buy all three len chaingths for the discoun chaint prices of $48, listed separatelyShippin chaing weight is 0.10 poun chainds. Please pay at time of purchase.If you're in chain the NYC area, you can chain come to my Williamsburg space, an chaind save on chain shippin chaing by pickin chaing it up.Please follow Vin chaintage Arcan chaina on chain Pin chainterest, In chainstagram, an chaind Twitter. Return chains:All sales are fin chainal un chainless the item is sign chainifican chaintly misrepresen chainted. We are very careful in chain takin chaing measuremen chaints an chaind describin chaing items but occasion chainally miss somethin chaing. Please check measuremen chaints carefully, we don chain't n chainot accept return chains if the item doesn chain't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHere is a brief defin chainition chain of the stan chaindard terms that we use to describe con chaindition chain: Min chaint: Never worn chain or used, like n chainew, n chaino flaws.Excellen chaint: Has been chain worn chain, but n chaino visible flaws.Very Good: On chainly the slightest sign chains of wear, min chainor flaws described in chain listin chaingGood: Very Wearable, with min chainor flaws an chaind shows some wearFair: Wearable, with sign chainifican chaint flaws, also good for pattern chains or design chain in chainspiration chain

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