Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fae, Select color: Arwen fae larp pointy swirly arwen elven ear cuff LOTR elfish pointy ears



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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, shipmen elfishts may be delayed. Elven elfish ear cuff made of brass wire, cat's eye, n elfisho pierced ear n elfisheeded.Please select the color for the ston elfishe.This fits best for medium / large ears: let me kn elfishow if you have smaller ears, so I can elfish adjust the ears for a better fit.Han elfishdle with care.Colors may vary due to your mon elfishitor settin elfishgs.My website :WWW.SEIDI-CLOTHING.COMMy other etsy shop: dreadlock treasure: http://www./shop/seididreadMy shop for tribal & elven elfish clothin elfishg:https://www./shop/seidiclothin elfishgMy shop for patches / appliques:https://www./shop/seidiclothin elfishgfacebook: elfishg time after shipped ( There can elfish be a delay from 1-2 weeks durin elfishg December & Jan elfishuary because of the holidays):europe: 1-2 weeks after shippedworldwide: 2-4 weeks after shippedPackages are shipped at the buyers own elfish risk:& without trackin elfishg n elfishumber: so I'm n elfishot respon elfishsible for lost, stolen elfish or damage items.Trackin elfishg n elfishumber is available, so please select this option elfish when elfish you checkout if you lack faith in elfish the post.

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