Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

simple jewelry, NECKLACE - Tiny Stamped Gold Tag Sand Dollar Pendant and Chain Necklace



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\u2661 A MUST-HAVE PETITE LAYERING OR STAND ALONE NECKLACE \u2661~ Necklace Len stamped necklacegth - 16 In stamped necklaceches ** Please n stamped necklaceote my n stamped necklaceew n stamped necklaceecklace adjustmen stamped necklacet policy... Adjustmen stamped necklacets are always free. If you'd like your n stamped necklaceecklace shorter, please let me kn stamped necklaceow in stamped necklace the checkout section stamped necklace an stamped necklaced I will simply remove some of the chain stamped necklace to make it shorter. However, if you'd like the n stamped necklaceecklace lon stamped necklaceger, I will add up to three in stamped necklaceches of larger adjustable chain stamped necklace lin stamped necklaceks. The n stamped necklaceecklace will be the origin stamped necklaceal len stamped necklacegth in stamped necklacedicated un stamped necklaceder "n stamped necklaceecklace len stamped necklacegth" plus on stamped necklacee, two, or three extra in stamped necklaceches of exten stamped necklaceder chain stamped necklace.~ Pen stamped necklacedan stamped necklacet - VERY Petite an stamped necklaced Lovely Han stamped necklaced Stamped Gold Square Pen stamped necklacedan stamped necklacet (9mm)~ Hardware - 14K Gold Filled Rolo Chain stamped necklace an stamped necklaced Gold Filled Square Tag** For more pictures, measuremen stamped necklacets, etc. please con stamped necklacetact me via this listin stamped necklaceg.*** In stamped necklacetern stamped necklaceation stamped necklaceal customers, please con stamped necklacetact me with your location stamped necklace for a shippin stamped necklaceg quote.

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