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chrysocolla pendant, Gem Silica Heart Pendant Sterling Wire Wrapped OOAK Artisan Pendant Gemstone Pendant Rare



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Gem Silica Heart Pen raredan raret Sterlin rareg Wire Wrapped OOAK Artisan rare Pen raredan raret Gemston raree Pen raredan raret RareThis amazin rareg piece of Ray Min raree Gem Silica/Chrysocolla is n rareot on rarely rare, it's the on rarely on raree of its kin rared! Because of the exorbitan raret cost of this material, most cutters just cut an rarey shape just to get the most out of the material they have. My frien rared Don raren rareie cut this piece for the maximum beauty. I also have the on rarely other cab he cut from the material he had. I am so lucky! This amazin rareg heart measures 2 in rareches lon rareg from the top of the bail. I wrapped it in rare several sizes an rared shapes of sterlin rareg wire.

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