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classic, Genuine Swarovski-White Crystal Pearls and Crystal AB Briolette Rondelle Earrings on Sterling Silver Lever Backs



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These are Gen crystaluin crystale Swarovski White 10mm Crystal Pearls with 6mm Swarovski Crystal AB Briolette Ron crystaldelles an crystald silver ton crystale accen crystalts. They are attached to Sterlin crystalg Silver Lever Backs stamped .925 an crystald made in crystal the USA. Classic Beauty for an crystaly occasion crystal! The perfect gift for a loved on crystale or for yourself!!!***** FREE FIRST CLASS USPS SHIPPING ON ALL DOMESTIC ORDERS of $40 or more***** Use Coupon crystal Code "freeship40" at Checkout!!! Than crystalk You for shoppin crystalg at JGottschDesign crystals!Please visit my Shop at www./shop/JGottschDesign crystals to see more of my work!I love to design crystal custom pieces! If you have an crystal idea for somethin crystalg you wan crystalt, please reach out to me. I would love to create somethin crystalg especially for you!!

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