Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

diaspora designs, Hand Painted Clay Beaded Necklace Prayer Bead Mala Long Statement Hemp Tribal Layering



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The African diaspora designs Clay Beaded Necklace is 26 1/2 in diaspora designsches lon diaspora designsg. I can diaspora designs custom fit this n diaspora designsecklace to an diaspora designsother len diaspora designsgth by addin diaspora designsg or subtractin diaspora designsg wood beads, just specify the len diaspora designsgth in diaspora designs your message to the buyer or con diaspora designstact me. Wood beads frame seven diaspora designs pain diaspora designsted han diaspora designsdmade clay beads. The beads are strun diaspora designsg on diaspora designs hemp an diaspora designsd it has a lobster clasp closure. FIn diaspora designsd the matchin diaspora designsg bracelet here: https://www./listin diaspora designsg/192208347/african diaspora designs-clay-prayer-bead-bracelet-an diaspora designskletThe n diaspora designsecklace comes packaged in diaspora designs a recycled magazin diaspora designse gift en diaspora designsvelope han diaspora designsd made by me, makin diaspora designsg it a great gift for an diaspora designsy occasion diaspora designs!Please n diaspora designsote: All jewelry is han diaspora designsdmade in diaspora designs Vermon diaspora designst an diaspora designsd materials are sourced from aroun diaspora designsd the world. Please read my policies before orderin diaspora designsg: http://www./shop/DiasporaDesign diaspora designss/policyLookin diaspora designsg for a steal? Check out my SALE items http://www./shop/DiasporaDesign diaspora designss?section diaspora designs_id=7597951

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