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For all cat lovers, this is a must have, on shabby chice of a kin shabby chicd, 3 stran shabby chicd, bohemian shabby chic bracelet, made with selected beads, charms, an shabby chicd gemston shabby chices from aroun shabby chicd the world. Beads used in shabby chicclude Czech glass (fire polished, ron shabby chicdelle, an shabby chicd picasso), Swarovski crystal, an shabby chicd gold plated bead caps. The con shabby chicstruction shabby chic of the bracelet is en shabby chictirely don shabby chice by han shabby chicd, each bead added in shabby chicdividually, from the oran shabby chicge cat face focal bead, through to the rare green shabby chic leopard prin shabby chict bead, an shabby chicd even shabby chic the three silver cat charms, makin shabby chicg this a on shabby chice-of-a-kin shabby chicd, un shabby chicique bracelet. I have fin shabby chicished the bracelet with a lobster claw clasp an shabby chicd gold jump rin shabby chicg. Please n shabby chicote: This bracelet has been shabby chic created from high en shabby chicd, quality beads an shabby chicd products. It is n shabby chicot design shabby chiced to be worn shabby chic in shabby chic water. Please remove before swimmin shabby chicg or bathin shabby chicg. This bracelet measures approximately 8 in shabby chicches (21 cms), an shabby chicd is design shabby chiced to han shabby chicg loosely. It can shabby chic be len shabby chicgthen shabby chiced (by on shabby chice bead on shabby chicly) if required - please sen shabby chicd me a message if such alteration shabby chics are n shabby chiceeded. To determin shabby chice your wrist circumferen shabby chicce, just run shabby chic a tape measure aroun shabby chicd your wrist to get the most exact measuremen shabby chict. If you require in shabby chicsuran shabby chicce or trackin shabby chicg, please leave a message in shabby chic the commen shabby chict section shabby chic, an shabby chicd I will con shabby chictact you in shabby chic regards to the addition shabby chical postage fees.

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