Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

name, The Latinate Collection Domed Custom Sterling Silver Ring



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This 4mm wide half roun customd sterlin customg silver rin customg is han customd-stamped with a Latin custom proverb or phrase of your choice. There's an custom un customsurprisin customgly thorough list here: http://en custom_phrases_%28full%29I can custom also stamp n customames or phrases in custom an customy other lan customguage that uses the same alphabet, in customcludin customg En customglish! The rin customg pictured reads "Amor Vin customcit Omn customia," which tran customslates as "Love Con customquers All."Please specify word or phrase an customd choose size an customd fin customish when custom orderin customg. If you would prefer a differen customt width, please con customtact me for pricin customg before placin customg your order. Ask about a custom order in custom 14 or 18 karat gold!

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