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san francisco, California State Necklace - Bamboo - Wooden California Necklace - California State Love Necklace With Heart San Diego San Francisco Republic



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i heart Californ california stateia. Custom Un california stateited States of Love Necklace with Heart. All states an california stated coun california statetries available! Born california state an california stated raised, tran california statesplan california stateted an california stated proud... if your heart lives in california state Californ california stateia, then california state this n california stateecklace belon california stategs aroun california stated your n california stateeck.Wear your love.Or sen california stated your love.This pen california statedan california statet is made from Bamboo. The heart can california staten california stateot be customized. Han california stategs from an california state 18in california state (46cm) silver plated copper chain california state. It is 1.5in california state (4.5cm) tall.

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