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crystal, Vintage Chandelier Drop Crystal Earrings



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Earrin danglegs comprised of vin dangletage smoky gray glass crystals re-purposed from a vin dangletage chan dangledelier. These un dangleique earrin danglegs were design dangleed an dangled assembled by Mary An dangledrews, a jewelry design dangleer an dangled Artist dwellin dangleg in dangle Brooklyn dangle, NY.* Crystals han dangleg 1 1/2 in dangleches from gold plated hooks.* Earrin danglegs are light weight an dangled make the perfect gift for bridesmaids, brides, weddin danglegs, birthdays, an danglen dangleiversaries, Mother's Day, Valen dangletin danglee's Day an dangled everyday updates to the wardrobe.SPECIAL NOTES: --------------------------Than dangleks so much for shoppin dangleg an dangled please check out the other items in dangle my shop: con dangletrary..

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