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genuine sapphire, Custom order for Steve 4ct Double Star Blue Sapphire



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Custom order for Steve***This rin size 7g of sterlin size 7g silver will be made in size 7to an size 7 18k white gold settin size 7g size 7***Set in size 7 a sterlin size 7g silver makes this gem affordableCan size 7 be reset in size 7 14k or 18k solid white, yellow or rose gold.Weightin size 7g in size 7 at 4ctIt is a double star, Gen size 7uin size 7e Star Sapphire. Very n size 7ice color of blue as well.Rin size 7g size 7 an size 7d can size 7 be resize.This Star Sapphire can size 7 be reset in size 7 14k or 18k, yellow, white or rose gold.Layaway available.

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