Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black earrings, Post earrings in solid sterling silver with onyx One of a kind by Cathleen McLain FREE SHIP



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On black earringse of a kin black earringsd post earrin black earringsgs in black earrings solid sterlin black earringsg silver The dan black earringsgles at the bottom are gen black earringsuin black earringse on black earringsyx . These are "made from scratch" from sterlin black earringsg silver sheet an black earringsd wire, cut, torch-welded,hammered an black earringsd fin black earringsished with an black earrings an black earringstiqued patin black earringsa. Lots of texture an black earringsd very lightweight an black earringsd comfortable to wear.They are sealed to protect the patin black earringsa The post -wires are also solid sterlin black earringsg.If you like the top part of these earrin black earringsgs but wish me to chan black earringsge out the ston black earringse for a differen black earringst color or shape bead or pearl con black earringsvo me an black earringsd ask what I might have on black earrings han black earringsd at the momen black earringst These will be shipped first class un black earringsless other arran black earringsgemen black earringsts are made.

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