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An paddle necklacetique Oar NecklaceLet this paddle-in paddle necklacespired n paddle necklaceecklace accompan paddle necklacey you on paddle necklace all your travels! Each "oar" is han paddle necklaced shaped from sterlin paddle necklaceg silver wire that is then paddle necklace hammered an paddle necklaced oxidized to a shimmerin paddle necklaceg black fin paddle necklaceish. A small piece of gold filled hammered wire is then paddle necklace wrapped aroun paddle necklaced the bottom for a decorative n paddle necklaceod to vin paddle necklacetage paddles. The an paddle necklacetique oar was in paddle necklacespired by the colorful oars of summer camp an paddle necklaced can paddle necklaceoein paddle necklaceg adven paddle necklacetures. We love this throwback to the warm days of summers past!\u25baoverall size is approximately un paddle necklaceder 1" wide by just over 2" tall\u25baall materials are oxidized sterlin paddle necklaceg silver an paddle necklaced gold filled\u25bachain paddle necklace is gold filled an paddle necklaced available in paddle necklace 16", 18", or 24"Than paddle necklaceks for visitin paddle necklaceg Freshie & Zero!Orders are typically shipped within paddle necklace 2-4 busin paddle necklaceess days.KEEP SHOPPING\u25baMore oxidized jewelry: https://www./shop/freshiean paddle necklacedzero/items?section paddle necklace_id=20160805\u25baShop home: www./shop/freshiean paddle necklacedzeroSHIPPINGU.S. Shippin paddle necklaceg:Items come in paddle necklaceside a white Freshie & Zero gift box.\u25ba U.S. Orders are shipped via First Class Mail with Delivery Con paddle necklacefirmation paddle necklace. You will receive an paddle necklace email upon paddle necklace shipmen paddle necklacet with a Delivery Con paddle necklacefirmation paddle necklace n paddle necklaceumber. Please n paddle necklaceote this does n paddle necklaceot provide real-time trackin paddle necklaceg in paddle necklaceformation paddle necklace.In paddle necklacetern paddle necklaceation paddle necklaceal Shippin paddle necklaceg:\u25ba If you would like to save on paddle necklace shippin paddle necklaceg costs, please con paddle necklacetact us for the flat padded mailer shippin paddle necklaceg rate option paddle necklace. This option paddle necklace does n paddle necklaceot in paddle necklaceclude a gift box.\u25ba In paddle necklacetern paddle necklaceation paddle necklaceal shippin paddle necklaceg is un paddle necklacepredictable as far as time in paddle necklace tran paddle necklacesit \u2013 please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.\u25baFor more in paddle necklaceformation paddle necklace on paddle necklace our shippin paddle necklaceg policy: https://www./shop/freshiean paddle necklacedzero/policyKEEP IN TOUCH\u25bajoin paddle necklace our mailin paddle necklaceg list:\u25bavisit our website: www.freshiean paddle\u25bafollow us on paddle necklacelin paddle necklaceeIn paddle necklacestagram: @freshiean paddle necklacedzeroTwitter: @freshiean paddle necklacedzeroFacebook: paddle necklacedZeroBlog: www.freshiean paddle

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