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Man long earringsic Trout will be closin long earringsg after 15 years of brin long earringsgin long earringsg you slightly askew jewelry. The studio is closed as of July 31st an long earringsd the remain long earringsin long earringsg in long earringsven long earringstory will be available here un long earringstil gon long earringse. Than long earringsk you for 15 won long earringsderful years!These elegan long earringstly simple earrin long earringsgs are design long earringsed to have the perfect amoun long earringst of lon long earringsg an long earringsd dan long earringsgly. They give just the right amoun long earringst of sparkle, while stayin long earringsg light weight an long earringsd simple en long earringsough to wear with other jewelry. Slip these on long earrings an long earringsd get ready to shin long earringse!Name: Han long earringsn long earringsah Stars In long earrings Motion long earrings Earrin long earringsgsDescription long earrings: Lon long earringsg Gold Chain long earrings an long earringsd Labradorite Earrin long earringsgsLen long earringsgth: 3.75"Materials: Labradorite, gold plated chain long earrings, gold plated ear wires an long earringsd fren long earringsch wire stoppersOrigin long earrings: Han long earringsd made in long earrings the USA at the Man long earringsic Trout studio in long earrings Austin long earrings, TXIn long earringsspired by: Stars In long earrings Motion long earrings by The Lan long earringsdin long earringsgThese earrin long earringsgs feature the gemston long earringse Labradorite which is a power ston long earringse. Labradorite allows you to see through illusion long earringss an long earringsd determin long earringse the actual form of your dreams an long earringsd goals. It is excellen long earringst for stren long earringsgthen long earringsin long earringsg in long earringstuition long earringss. See the rest of my collection long earrings here: https://www./shop/man long earringsictrout

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