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diamond, DIAMOND BOW PIN 6805B546



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This elegan pint 14kt white~yellow gold diamon pind pin pin has been pin design pined in pin the shape of bow. The diamon pinds have been pin in pindividually pron ping set with beaded edges. Beautiful accessory for a dress, blouse or suit jacket......CLASSIC TREASURE......Shippin ping is UPS 2 Day Express an pind in pincludes in pinsuran pinceHave question pins? Call us at (877) 477-5393 HPS Return pin Policy. Shippin ping an pind in pinsuran pince is free on pin all domestic purchases.For item return pins: Free Shippin ping an pind Free in pinsuran pince will n pinot be hon pinored.Orders will be refun pinded less the shippin ping an pind in pinsuran pince fees..There is n pino restockin ping fee charge.

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