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PLEASE READ ALL INFO IN THE DESCRIPTION about these earrin gemstone danglegs/ear weights. This style features large dyed green gemstone dangle crazy lace agate gemston gemstone danglee don gemstone dangleut pen gemstone dangledan gemstone danglets, each wrapped in gemstone dangle silver plated wire. Each don gemstone dangleut pen gemstone dangledan gemstone danglet has shades of green gemstone dangle, white, an gemstone dangled some earthy ton gemstone danglees, an gemstone dangled each has its own gemstone dangle un gemstone dangleique pattern gemstone dangles an gemstone dangled texture. Atop each gemston gemstone danglee don gemstone dangleut is a han gemstone dangled woven gemstone dangle segmen gemstone danglet of Byzan gemstone dangletin gemstone danglee chain gemstone danglemaille, woven gemstone dangle usin gemstone dangleg shin gemstone dangley silver alumin gemstone dangleum. They are completed by roun gemstone dangled surgical stain gemstone dangleless steel leverback ear hooks. These earrin gemstone danglegs/weights are mean gemstone danglet to be worn gemstone dangle through THIN WALLED eyelets/earskin gemstone dangles. They work best with thin gemstone dangle walled silicon gemstone danglee earskin gemstone dangles, as shown gemstone dangle in gemstone dangle the 4th picture. They would also work through steel tun gemstone danglen gemstone dangleels, but they would have to be thin gemstone dangle walled (n gemstone dangleot very lon gemstone dangleg fron gemstone danglet to back), or the earwires won gemstone dangle't be able to close through them properly. Addition gemstone dangleal in gemstone danglefo/precaution gemstone dangles:*These are decorative, an gemstone dangled are n gemstone dangleot to be used as a mean gemstone dangles to stretch your lobes. The earrin gemstone danglegs weigh 18 grams each. These work best with lobes stretched to 0g an gemstone dangled larger. *They are mean gemstone danglet to be worn gemstone dangle through silicon gemstone danglee earskin gemstone dangles/ear tun gemstone danglen gemstone dangleels/eyelets, or steel on gemstone danglees, if they are short en gemstone dangleough fron gemstone danglet to back for the earwires to close through. Tun gemstone danglen gemstone dangleels that are 1/4" thick or less will work with these earwires. You can gemstone dangle see them through silicon gemstone danglee ear tun gemstone danglen gemstone dangleels in gemstone dangle the 4th an gemstone dangled 5th pictures. *These are heavier than gemstone dangle regular earrin gemstone danglegs, an gemstone dangled though the earwires are the size of a stan gemstone dangledard lobe piercin gemstone dangleg, they will very likely stretch a stan gemstone dangledard sized piercin gemstone dangleg slightly, due to the extra bit of weight of the gemston gemstone danglee don gemstone dangleuts.* Tun gemstone danglen gemstone dangleels/Earskin gemstone dangles/Eyelets are NOT in gemstone danglecluded with these. The listin gemstone dangleg is for the earrin gemstone danglegs/earweights on gemstone danglely.Total Len gemstone danglegth: 3 1/4"Width: 1 5/8"Weight Per Earrin gemstone dangleg: 18 gramsColors: Silver, Green gemstone dangle, White, Earth Ton gemstone dangleesMaterials: Bright Alumin gemstone dangleum Rin gemstone danglegs, Crazy Lace Agate Don gemstone dangleuts, Silver Plated WireEar Wires: Roun gemstone dangled Surgical Stain gemstone dangleless SteelIf you have an gemstone dangley question gemstone dangles or n gemstone dangleeed clarification gemstone dangle on gemstone dangle an gemstone dangleythin gemstone dangleg, please feel free to message me before placin gemstone dangleg your order, an gemstone dangled I'll be glad to an gemstone dangleswer an gemstone dangley question gemstone dangles you have.More earrin gemstone danglegs to wear with ear tun gemstone danglen gemstone dangleels can gemstone dangle be foun gemstone dangled here: https://www./shop/Lun gemstone dangleachick?ref=hdr_shop_men gemstone dangleu§ion gemstone dangle_id=20607720Question gemstone dangles? Feel free to check out my Shop Policies for more in gemstone danglefo:http://www./shop/Lun gemstone dangleachick/policy?ref=shopin gemstone danglefo_policies_leftn gemstone dangleav

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