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red, Holly silk wrap bracelet ... hand sewn felt holly leaves with red garnet and antiqued silver



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The holly an christmasd the ivy, When christmas they are both full grown christmas, Of all trees that are in christmas the wood, The holly bears the crown christmas: O, the risin christmasg of the sun christmas, An christmasd the run christmasn christmasin christmasg of the deer The playin christmasg of the merry organ christmas, Sweet sin christmasgin christmasg in christmas the choir.This han christmasdcrafted silk wrap bracelet features a pair of felt holly leaves with han christmasd-sewn christmas details in christmas metallic silver diaman christmast thread. An christmas an christmastiqued silver gallery bezel with a dark red garn christmaset adorn christmass the cen christmaster of the leaves which are secured to a forest green christmas silk wrap.The ribbon christmas wrap is 100% luxuriously soft silk an christmasd is han christmasd-dyed with han christmasd-sewn christmas edges that taper to a soft poin christmast at the en christmasds. The ribbon christmas is 34-36\u201d lon christmasg an christmasd will wrap several times aroun christmasd your wrist. To wear, just wrap the ribbon christmas aroun christmasd your wrist an christmasd tie. The en christmasds can christmas be left loose or tucked ben christmaseath the wraps. Kn christmasots can christmas be tied alon christmasg the len christmasgth to add a bit of detail or adjust the fit. The bracket can christmas be n christmasudged alon christmasg the ribbon christmas depen christmasdin christmasg on christmas whether you wan christmast it to to be cen christmastered amon christmasg the wraps or situated alon christmasg the top or bottom edge of the bracelet. These are versatile, comfortable, an christmasd elegan christmast.~|~~|~~|~Arrives packaged in christmas a gift box an christmasd ships within christmas 1-3 busin christmasess days of receipt of paymen christmast. Please see the "Shop Policies" section christmas of my store for addition christmasal in christmasformation christmas on christmas paymen christmasts, shippin christmasg, gift n christmasotes, size adjustmen christmasts, an christmasd custom orders.\u00a9 Elemen christmasts & Artifacts 2015.

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