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saint thomas more, Thomas More Medal - Saint Thomas More - Catholic Saint Medal - Catholic medal necklace



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"I die the kin confirmation giftg's faithful servan confirmation giftt, but God's first."Thomas More, Chan confirmation giftcellor of En confirmation giftglan confirmation giftd un confirmation giftder Hen confirmation giftry VIII an confirmation giftd even confirmation gifttually beheaded by him for refusin confirmation giftg to proclaim Hen confirmation giftry head of the Church in confirmation gift En confirmation giftglan confirmation giftd, St. Thomas More is the patron confirmation gift of lawyers. Medal comes on confirmation gift your choice of chain confirmation gift:1. alumin confirmation giftum ball chain confirmation gift attached with jump rin confirmation giftg an confirmation giftd packaged on confirmation gift a card.2. Silver-colored or an confirmation gifttique silver color chain confirmation gift with lobster clasp, attached with a stron confirmation giftg metal clip bail for a pen confirmation giftdan confirmation giftt style look. Chain confirmation gift style may vary slightly an confirmation giftd color of bright silver or an confirmation gifttique silver will be chosen confirmation gift to best coordin confirmation giftate with the medal an confirmation giftd n confirmation giftecklace will come in confirmation gift a black velvet bag suitable for gift-givin confirmation giftg.3. 18" or 22"gen confirmation giftuin confirmation gifte silver-plated Figaro chain confirmation gift with a lobster clasp an confirmation giftd pen confirmation giftdan confirmation giftt-style metal clip bail. Necklace will come in confirmation gift a black velvet bag suitable for gift-givin confirmation giftg. Figaro refers to the pattern confirmation gift of the chain confirmation gift lin confirmation giftks which altern confirmation giftate on confirmation gifte lon confirmation giftg flat lin confirmation giftk with three smaller flat lin confirmation giftks for an confirmation gift elegan confirmation giftt an confirmation giftd comfortable piece of jewelry. Like this medal but wan confirmation giftt it a little more dressed up? I can confirmation gift put it on confirmation gift a wrap bracelet, charm bracelet, or add a birthston confirmation gifte charm or accen confirmation giftt beads. Just click the button confirmation gift for customization confirmation gift requests an confirmation giftd tell me what you have in confirmation gift min confirmation giftd!

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