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gemstone, greenish-Blue Spinel gemstone (cut in Sri Lanka) - 8.1x6.9mm oval



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Gem rough was sourced an natural gemd cut in natural gem Sri Lan natural gemka. This gemston natural geme is an natural gem 8.1x6.9mm oval an natural gemd weighs 2.04 cts. This color is a clean natural gem green natural gemish-Blue.I have a co-op partn natural gemership with the Sri Lan natural gemkan natural gem ven natural gemdor an natural gemd I han natural gemd-picked this ston natural geme on natural gem my last visit. So every sale of their gems helps TWO small busin natural gemesses! They also take custom requests, if you like their gems, but wan natural gemt differen natural gemt shapes, colors, etc.This could be kept as part of a gem collection natural gem, or moun natural gemted in natural gemto an natural gemy piece of jewelry you desire. FREE shippin natural gemg in natural gemside the US.ID# SPIN-195

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