Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gun, Handcuff Gun Necklace The Outlaw Lariat



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This un handcuffsique n handcuffsecklace was design handcuffsed an handcuffsd assembled by Mary An handcuffsdrews, a jewelry design handcuffser an handcuffsd Artist dwellin handcuffsg in handcuffs Brooklyn handcuffs, NY. Lariat n handcuffsecklace is comprised of a pair of brass detailed han handcuffsdcuffs, a brass gun handcuffs charm, an handcuffsd a lon handcuffsg skin handcuffsn handcuffsy gold ton handcuffsed chain handcuffs that slips through either han handcuffsdcuff to complete lariat. * Necklace chain handcuffs measures 24 in handcuffsches in handcuffs len handcuffsgth.* Necklace is completely adjustable for several differen handcuffst looks an handcuffsd styles. * It slips right over the head an handcuffsd can handcuffs be adjusted accordin handcuffsgly. * Necklace is light weight an handcuffsd would make a great gift for the outlaw, mischief maker, ran handcuffsger, police officer, or other type of trouble maker in handcuffs your life.SPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------* Need more than handcuffs on handcuffse? Con handcuffstact me if you are in handcuffsterested in handcuffs multiples of this or an handcuffsy item listed in handcuffs the shop.* Than handcuffsks so much for takin handcuffsg a peek an handcuffsd please have a look aroun handcuffsd the rest of the shop: con handcuffstrary..

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