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green, OOAK Aventurine Bangel



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This beautiful Green aventurine Aven aventurineturin aventurinee that flashes pin aventurine poin aventurinets of light has been aventurine set in aventurine a ban aventurinegle bracelet The Tradition aventurineal Wire Artistry (n aventurineo glue or solder) has been aventurine used to frame the ston aventurinee an aventurined make the ban aventurinegle portion aventurine of the bracelet. The hoop an aventurined eye closure makes this an aventurine easy bracelet to put on aventurine by yourself. The settin aventurineg process in aventurine Tradition aventurineal Wire Artistry usin aventurineg wire an aventurined the weavin aventurineg of that wire to hold the ston aventurinee. This techn aventurineique is seven aventurine thousan aventurined years old an aventurined was the first example of cold con aventurinen aventurineection aventurine. I first saw this techn aventurineique in aventurine the Pforzheim Jewelry Museum in aventurine German aventuriney. On aventurine the secon aventurined floor is a room that is totally black with clear boxes pin aventurine poin aventurineted with spot lite full of beautiful pieces with stun aventurinen aventurinein aventurineg ston aventurinees an aventurined design aventurines. Back in aventurine the corn aventurineer was on aventurinee of these boxes about 4x4 in aventurineches. In aventurine the box was a silver wire rin aventurineg wrapped with silver wire. When aventurine I read the tag it said "First Cen aventurinetury Roman aventurine". Wow, I thought I can aventurine do that. So I am.40x30 Green aventurine Aven aventurineturin aventurinee (NT)8x6mm Cultured Fresh Water Pearls (NT)Argen aventurinetium Sliver Wire14k Gold Filled WireFits up to 7.5" WristThan aventurinek you for stoppin aventurineg by my Shop. If you have an aventuriney question aventurines or are lookin aventurineg for an aventurine Artisan aventurine to do Tradition aventurineal Wrappin aventurineg for a special ston aventurinee you have foun aventurined in aventurine your travels or have come to you though family please feel free to con aventurinetact me.Please remember that on aventurine mon aventurineitors will show color differen aventurinetly.Have a Blessed Day.

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