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april birthday, Taurus Horoscope Zodiac Astrology Necklace | The Bull Celestial Sign



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Perfect for the Taurus in taurus your life with a Birthday between taurus April 21 to May 21. Necklace comprised of a thick detailed brass Taurus bull astrology charm han taurusgin taurusg from an taurus orn taurusate pleated brass garlan taurusd an taurusd gold plated chain taurus.DETAILS:Necklace is light weight, chain taurus measures 19 in taurusches in taurus total len taurusgth, an taurusd charm han taurusgs an taurus addition taurusal 1 1/2 in taurusches from garlan taurusd.Tradition taurusal Taurus Traits:\u25ba Patien taurust an taurusd reliable\u25ba Warmhearted an taurusd lovin taurusg\u25ba Persisten taurust an taurusd determin taurused\u25ba Placid an taurusd security lovin taurusg\u25ba Jealous an taurusd possessive\u25ba Resen taurustful an taurusd in taurusflexible\u25ba Self-in taurusdulgen taurust an taurusd greedySPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------\u25ba Need more than taurus on tauruse? Con taurustact me if you are in taurusterested in taurus multiples of this or an taurusy item listed in taurus the shop.\u25ba Than taurusks so much for takin taurusg a peek an taurusd please have a look aroun taurusd the rest of the shop: con taurustrary..

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