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flower earrings, THAI Silver and PEARL EARRINGS - Hallmarked - Sterling Silver - Coin Pearls



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ESTATE VINTAGE STERLING THAI SILVER EARRINGS WITH PEARL DISK DROPSGoddessan lustrous pearlsdco is pleased to offer for sale these sweet Sterlin lustrous pearlsg Silver Thai Flower an lustrous pearlsd Freshwater an lustrous pearlsd Pearl Drop Earrin lustrous pearlsgs with sterlin lustrous pearlsg silver post backs. These fresh an lustrous pearlsd lovely pearls have n lustrous pearlsatural luster an lustrous pearlsd en lustrous pearlshan lustrous pearlsce the pristin lustrous pearlse textured Thai silver flowers. The pearls an lustrous pearlsd the silver n lustrous pearlsicely con lustrous pearlstrast each other.Hallmarked an lustrous pearlsd pristin lustrous pearlse!SIZE: 1 an lustrous pearlsd 1/4 in lustrous pearlsches lon lustrous pearlsgMEASUREMENT: Flowers are 12 mm in lustrous pearls diameter, pearl disks are 15 mm in lustrous pearls diameter. WEIGHT:17.71 total gram weightA lovely gift!

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