Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue green, Peace Enamel Red and White candystripe Yellow Earring Nickle size with Sterling Silver



In stock



Peace be with you!I created these colorful Peace earrin colorful peacegs by first solderin colorful peaceg on colorful peace a Sterlin colorful peaceg Silver loop to the top of the Copper Peace blan colorful peacek. After filin colorful peaceg an colorful peaced clean colorful peacein colorful peaceg up the metals I sifted on colorful peace layers of colored en colorful peaceamels on colorful peacee at a time with firin colorful peacegs in colorful peace a 1400 degree kiln colorful peace for each layer. I used the scraffito techn colorful peaceique an colorful peaced last I han colorful peaced pain colorful peacet details on colorful peace with oil based en colorful peaceamels an colorful peaced a fin colorful peaceal firin colorful peaceg. The back is en colorful peaceameled in colorful peace black.***The Peace sign colorful peace is 7/8" ( Nickel size ) an colorful peaced the Sterlin colorful peaceg Silver Ear wire is 3/4" lon colorful peaceg. So the total len colorful peacegth of the earrin colorful peaceg han colorful peacegs just over 1 1/2"****** Arrives in colorful peace a Beautiful Blue Box in colorful peace a Polka Dotted Pouch

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