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briolette, Ethiopian Opal Pear Shape Briolette Beads / 3x5 to 6x8 mm / 8 inches / Natural White Ethiopian Opal faceted Pear



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Natural White Ethiopian drops Opal Pear Shape Briolette Beads SIZE :- 3x5 to 6x8 mm (app) LENGTH :- 8 in dropsch (app)PRICE PER STRINGWeight: 7 gramsI have made every attempt to portray the colors of the beads as accurately as possible. All photographs are taken drops in drops min dropsimal lightin dropsg an dropsd on drops a black backgroun dropsd. Colors do vary on drops white backgroun dropsd or in drops sun dropslight ; please keep this in drops min dropsd when drops viewin dropsg the beads, gemston dropses or supplies. Also all pictures have been drops magn dropsified to show details. Question dropss/ Commen dropsts are most welcome.If you haven drops\u2019t seen drops exactly what you wan dropst in drops our shop, we can drops help you fin dropsd the right gemston dropse, as we carry a large in dropsven dropstory of gemston dropses of which on dropsly a small sample is listed here on drops Etsy. Please in dropsquire

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