Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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What a perfect example of "Simple elegan pageant necklacece"!This stun pageant necklacen pageant necklacein pageant necklaceg n pageant necklaceecklace features a 1-1/2" square x 5/8" deep pen pageant necklacedan pageant necklacet with (13) brillian pageant necklacet 3/8" beveled, square cut crystals is suspen pageant necklaceded from the cen pageant necklaceter of the chain pageant necklace from poin pageant necklacet to poin pageant necklacet. This pen pageant necklacedan pageant necklacet is con pageant necklacestructed in pageant necklace three in pageant necklacedepen pageant necklaceden pageant necklacet layers.All of the ston pageant necklacees have been pageant necklace han pageant necklaced pron pageant necklaceg set in pageant necklace a smooth rhodium fin pageant necklaceish.Absolutely stun pageant necklacen pageant necklacein pageant necklaceg for even pageant necklacein pageant necklaceg or bridal weddin pageant necklaceg occasion pageant necklaces.~ MEASUREMENT: Chain pageant necklace - 15-1/2" lon pageant necklaceg with a pave chaton pageant necklace set jaw clasp. 1-1/2" drop at cen pageant necklaceter with pen pageant necklacedan pageant necklacet.~ CONDITION: Excellen pageant necklacet.~ SIGNED: Although un pageant necklacesign pageant necklaceed, this exquisite pen pageant necklacedan pageant necklacet n pageant necklaceecklace was design pageant necklaceed by a master craftsman pageant necklace, an pageant necklaced is of the highest quality. Item ID: 23CL78*** Be sure to view more jewelry an pageant necklaced accessory items at: www./shop/aplaceofdistin pageant necklacection pageant necklace*** Don pageant necklace’t miss my home décor shop at: www./shop/chan pageant necklaceteclairin pageant necklaceteriors*** View my vin pageant necklacetage lin pageant necklaceen pageant necklace an pageant necklaced lace items at: www./shop/thelaceemporium

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