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RARE 1930's Miriam HASKELLunsigned haskell, Industrial Design Chrome and Black Glass Beadedunsigned haskell, Pair of 30s Art DECO Dress Clips



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Here we have a fabulous pair of vin unsigned haskelltage 1930s dress clips made with shin unsigned haskelly chrome an unsigned haskelld black glass beads in unsigned haskell a very Art Deco design unsigned haskell! The in unsigned haskelldustrial design unsigned haskell is the lampshade look of Miriam Haskell in unsigned haskell the 1930s. Although they are un unsigned haskellsign unsigned haskelled, they have all the ear marks of un unsigned haskellsign unsigned haskelled pre World War II Haskell. The clip back is right an unsigned haskelld the design unsigned haskell is sign unsigned haskellature Haskell. These vin unsigned haskelltage art deco dress clip are in unsigned haskell great con unsigned haskelldition unsigned haskell, beadin unsigned haskellg an unsigned haskelld clip are secure an unsigned haskelld work fin unsigned haskelle.There is some very min unsigned haskellor wear to the sides of the fan unsigned haskell design unsigned haskell. It actually looks clean unsigned haskeller in unsigned haskell person unsigned haskell. The camera reflected the darkn unsigned haskelless more than unsigned haskell it actually is.I will guaran unsigned haskelltee authen unsigned haskellticity to Miriam Haskell an unsigned haskelld your satisfaction unsigned haskell to these won unsigned haskellderful pieces.Measuremen unsigned haskellts:1 1/4 in unsigned haskellches in unsigned haskell height1 3/8 in unsigned haskellches at the widestTwo won unsigned haskellderful clips that can unsigned haskell be worn unsigned haskell as in unsigned haskellten unsigned haskellded in unsigned haskell the corn unsigned haskellers of a square dress n unsigned haskelleck lin unsigned haskelle or as scarf clips, hat clips, or in unsigned haskellcorporated on unsigned haskell a n unsigned haskellecklace. The clips works great. A un unsigned haskellique design unsigned haskeller set. It's rare to fin unsigned haskelld them still in unsigned haskell pairs.

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