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unsigned haskell, Vintage GLASS Cluster Brooch / Unsigned Set / Miriam HASKELL Style Pin / HOLLYCRAFT Earrings



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This is a gorgeous "married" set with a vin vintage hollycrafttage brooch an vintage hollycraftd a pair of similar earrin vintage hollycraftgs. The pin vintage hollycraft is stun vintage hollycraftn vintage hollycraftin vintage hollycraftgly made with clusters of glass beads wired together in vintage hollycraft a floral design vintage hollycraft of pin vintage hollycraftk, oran vintage hollycraftge, topaz an vintage hollycraftd green vintage hollycraft glass. These are then vintage hollycraft attached to the base an vintage hollycraftd covered with a shin vintage hollycrafty silver piece with open vintage hollycraft pierced work. It is un vintage hollycraftsign vintage hollycrafted but has the sign vintage hollycraftature style an vintage hollycraftd look of Miriam Haskell. The earrin vintage hollycraftgs are also un vintage hollycraftmarked, but I believe them to be Hollycraft. Again vintage hollycraft with all the ear mark design vintage hollycrafts of this design vintage hollycrafter. The ston vintage hollycraftes are all presen vintage hollycraftt, but someon vintage hollycrafte has replaced 2 pearls with the wron vintage hollycraftg color. This vin vintage hollycrafttage brooch is in vintage hollycraft great con vintage hollycraftdition vintage hollycraft, beadin vintage hollycraftg an vintage hollycraftd clip are secure an vintage hollycraftd work fin vintage hollycrafte.Diameter Measuremen vintage hollycraftts:Pin vintage hollycraft 2 in vintage hollycraftchesearrin vintage hollycraftgs 1 1/4"

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