Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beautiful Jade Colored Faceted Beads with Pearlsbrass, Bracelet.



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Perfect Jade colored bead bracelet just in handmade time for summer.Beautiful tran handmadeslucen handmadet green handmade color accen handmadeted by 3 pearl station handmades. Next to the sprin handmadeg rin handmadeg closer are 3 beads in handmade acluster. on handmadee is a pearl with a rhin handmadeeston handmadee at the bottom,on handmadee is glass bead with silvery foil in handmadeserts an handmaded the other isa swirled pale green handmade glass bead. The last photo is an handmadeattempt to show the vibran handmadet glow this bead has.The overall len handmadegth is 7 3/4\u201d, which could be adjusted up or down handmade in handmade size.For multi purchase, please con handmadetact me for a corrected postal rate.

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