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tanzanite, Limited Stock Natural Tanzanite micro Faceted Beads rondelle 3mm to 5.00 mm Sold per 13-inch strand AAA Quality



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Item detailsShippin small beadsg & PoliciesThese beads shows Tan small beadszan small beadsite properties at its best,the color is un small beadsique these are available in small beads three sizes.3.00 mm to 5.00 mmPrice is been small beads varied accordin small beadsglyLen small beadsgth of stran small beadsd-13 in small beadschShape-faceted ron small beadsdelleTreatmen small beadst-n small beadson small beadse(100% n small beadsatural)The Tan small beadszan small beadsite are been small beads competitively prices,we have a large stock.Con small beadstact us for wholesale buyin small beadsg.

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