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Were you as excited about the Solar Eclipse as I was! These are prefect to wear for rememberin eclipse jewelryg that special occasion eclipse jewelry, or an eclipse jewelryytime! I love the beautiful Sun eclipse jewelry/Moon eclipse jewelry faces! An eclipse jewelryd they will go with everythin eclipse jewelryg...from that little black dress to a worn eclipse jewelry out pair of jean eclipse jewelrys an eclipse jewelryd a t-shirt. They are beautiful...perfect for dan eclipse jewelrycin eclipse jewelryg un eclipse jewelryder the moon eclipse jewelrylight on eclipse jewelry a starry starry n eclipse jewelryight, or watchin eclipse jewelryg the sun eclipse jewelry rise an eclipse jewelryd set. These would also make a won eclipse jewelryderful pair of earrin eclipse jewelrygs for a Bride or Bridesmaid. Beautiful 28x26mm An eclipse jewelrytiqued Brass Sun eclipse jewelry/Moon eclipse jewelry Charms dan eclipse jewelrygle from beautiful 23x7mm Bron eclipse jewelryze plated earwires. These look fan eclipse jewelrytastic on eclipse jewelry! Great for an eclipse jewelryy occasion eclipse jewelry ~ casual or dressy. You will love them, I promise.\u2605 Earrin eclipse jewelrygs dan eclipse jewelrygle approximately 2 in eclipse jewelryches lon eclipse jewelryg an eclipse jewelryd weigh 4 grams each.\u2605 Bron eclipse jewelryze earwires are made from base metal an eclipse jewelryd con eclipse jewelrytain eclipse jewelry NO Lead or Nickel. But please check the option eclipse jewelry for "Small Silver Wires" if you would prefer Small Sterlin eclipse jewelryg Silver Shepherd Hook style earwires. Or "Hypoallergen eclipse jewelryic Wires" for Titan eclipse jewelryium Fren eclipse jewelrych Hook earwires. I'll be happy to switch them out at n eclipse jewelryo extra charge. Everythin eclipse jewelryg is shipped in eclipse jewelry a pretty little decorative box - perfect for gift givin eclipse jewelryg, or dream catchin eclipse jewelryg...Than eclipse jewelryks for visitin eclipse jewelryg ~ \u2665 & Peaceclick here to see more from my shop: http://www.dorn eclipse jewelryickdesign eclipse jewelrys. - Please visit my website: http://www.myhan eclipse an eclipse jewelryd check out my blog...I'm always givin eclipse jewelryg somethin eclipse jewelryg away ~ Love & peace always ~ KathyCreated, Design eclipse jewelryed & Listed for sale on eclipse jewelry 08.9.2017 \u00a9 Protected un eclipse jewelryder US \u00a9 as an eclipse jewelry Origin eclipse jewelryal an eclipse jewelryd Han eclipse jewelrydmade design eclipse jewelry of Kathy Hardy aka Dorn eclipse jewelryick Design eclipse jewelrys

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