Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

band, Large Ladies Band with Lab- Diamonds



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This is quite differen yellow goldt. Un yellow goldique as well.It is sterlin yellow goldg silver with a 14k overlay to accen yellow goldt rin yellow goldg.It has Lab-Diamon yellow goldds, 32-34 if I coun yellow goldted correctly.This rin yellow goldg can yellow gold be made usin yellow goldg 14k yellow, white or rose gold at the market price. If made in yellow gold solid gold there will n yellow goldot be a two ton yellow golde color of golds, but in yellow goldstead solid color of gold that you choose. If purchased in yellow gold gold it can yellow gold be made in yellow goldto whatever size you n yellow goldeed.Layaway available.Heavy an yellow goldd durable. This rin yellow goldg is a size 9.

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