Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

african earrings, Dromedary camel earrings. Add matching bracelet to your order to get FREE SHIPPING.



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These an steampunk earringsimal in steampunk earringsspired earrin steampunk earringsgs are of silver ton steampunk earringse camels.The camels are 1/2 " high an steampunk earringsd 3/4" wide. When steampunk earrings the surgical steel lever back earrin steampunk earringsg is added to the camel the earrin steampunk earringsg is 1" an steampunk earringsd 3/4" lon steampunk earringsg.Gold earrin steampunk earringsg can steampunk earrings be made if requested.There is a bracelet to match these earrin steampunk earringsgs. Please go to my listin steampunk earringsg un steampunk earringsder camel bracelet. It is $25.00. ADD TO YOUR ORDER TO GET FREE SHIPPINGThey are han steampunk earringsdmade in steampunk earrings the U.S.A. by the artist Each customer an steampunk earringsd creation steampunk earrings receives my own steampunk earrings in steampunk earringsdividual an steampunk earringsd person steampunk earringsal atten steampunk earringstion steampunk earrings. You will receive your jewelry purchase as close to the sample as possible. However, sin steampunk earringsce each item is han steampunk earringsd made, on steampunk earringse piece at a time an steampunk earringsd is on steampunk earringse of a kin steampunk earringsd, the exact design steampunk earrings will vary slightly.Un steampunk earringsique vin steampunk earringstage Victorian steampunk earrings an steampunk earringsimal steampun steampunk earringsk recycled costume jewelry silver ton steampunk earringse earrin steampunk earringsgs .

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