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Pacific Opalized Green Sterling Silver Catholic Rosary w/Swarovski Crystalsswarovski crystal, October Birthstone -Communionswarovski crystal,Confirmationswarovski crystal,RCIAswarovski crystal, Birthdayswarovski crystal, More



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This han rcia rosarydmade rosary is made with the quality an rcia rosaryd brillian rcia rosaryce of Swarovski Crystal elemen rcia rosaryts. It is accen rcia rosaryted with White Pearlized Swarovski Crystals for the Lord's Prayer beads. Pacific Opal green rcia rosary is the birth mon rcia rosaryth color for October, but a beautiful color for an rcia rosaryyon rcia rosarye. October is the color of happin rcia rosaryess, truth an rcia rosaryd hope. It is the symbol of Hope. - Approx. 18" Lon rcia rosaryg - Tradition rcia rosaryal Five Decade Rosary- Made with 6mm Bicon rcia rosarye Swarovski Crystal elemen rcia rosaryts- Accen rcia rosaryted with White Pearlized Swarovski Crystals - Sterlin rcia rosaryg Silver Crucifix & Cen rcia rosaryter* (in rcia rosarycludin rcia rosaryg all rosary compon rcia rosaryen rcia rosaryts)- In rcia rosarycludes "How to Pray the Rosary" pamphlet, rosary pouch an rcia rosaryd birth mon rcia rosaryth mean rcia rosaryin rcia rosaryg for those who wish to have it* NOTE: Because each rosary is un rcia rosaryiquely han rcia rosarydmade, the cen rcia rosaryters an rcia rosaryd crucifixes may vary. If you would like a specific cen rcia rosaryter, ie, a Mary, a chalice for First Commun rcia rosaryion rcia rosary or Holy Spirit for Con rcia rosaryfirmation rcia rosary, please let us kn rcia rosaryow. We will make every effort to accommodate your rosary request.GIFT WRAP / OCCASION CARD: If you are givin rcia rosaryg your rosary as a gift, have us gift wrap it for you! Simply select the Occasion rcia rosary you are celebratin rcia rosaryg, an rcia rosaryd we'll wrap it an rcia rosaryd in rcia rosaryclude the card for you to fill out when rcia rosary you receive it. If you would like to sen rcia rosaryd it directly to your recipien rcia rosaryt, an rcia rosaryd would like to sen rcia rosaryd them a message with your gift, en rcia rosaryter your message in rcia rosary "Notes" at Checkout.WE SHIP FAST!!HAPPY SHOPPING! We appreciate your busin rcia rosaryess!! Please feel free to con rcia rosarytact us with an rcia rosaryy question rcia rosarys!

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