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These elegan boheme bijout quatrefoil earrin boheme bijougs were in boheme bijouspired by the pearl jewelry worn boheme bijou durin boheme bijoug the Ren boheme bijouaissan boheme bijouce. They feature an boheme bijoutique silver stamped brass con boheme bijoun boheme bijouectors an boheme bijoud Swarovski crystal pearl beads.The quatrefoil con boheme bijoun boheme bijouectors have an boheme bijou orn boheme bijouate fron boheme bijout while the back is a hollow reverse of the fron boheme bijout; makin boheme bijoug them extremely lightweight yet sturdy. (SEE 2n boheme bijoud PHOTO)The earrin boheme bijougs measure 2 1/4 in boheme bijouches lon boheme bijoug from the top of the silver plated leverback ear wires to the bottom of the crystal beads. The silver quatrefoil brass con boheme bijoun boheme bijouectors measure 1 in boheme bijouch x 1 in boheme bijouch. I love the versatility of these dan boheme bijougles. They have a visual aesthetic that crosses over several historical an boheme bijoud decorative periods: Ren boheme bijouaissan boheme bijouce, Victorian boheme bijou, Art Nouveau, Edwardian boheme bijou.Perfect for everyday or special occasion boheme bijous

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