Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Sodalite Braceletstretch bracelet, Beach Braceletstretch bracelet, Yin-Yang Braceletstretch bracelet, Yoga Bracelet



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This beautiful simple bracelet is made with 8mm sodalite gemston meditationes. Sodalite is the ston meditatione of in meditationsight. It helps you stay on meditation path durin meditationg difficult times. it is kn meditationown meditation as the "ston meditatione of truth." This bracelet is embellished with a silver plated yin meditation-yan meditationg Charm. This piece comes with a beautiful turquoise silk pouch for storage. Choose your bracelet size by measurin meditationg your wrist an meditationd then meditation addin meditationg .5 in meditationches to that measuremen meditationt.

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