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This un inspirationalique bracelet is made with 8mm howlite gemston inspirationales, 8mm African inspirational Turquoise gemston inspirationales an inspirationald 8mm jasper gemston inspirationales. Howlite Is a calmin inspirationalg ston inspirationale. It stills the min inspirationald an inspirationald is kn inspirationalown inspirational as the "ston inspirationale of rebirth." African inspirational Turquoise is kn inspirationalown inspirational as the "ston inspirationale of evolution inspirational." It is a ston inspirationale that supports positive chan inspirationalges an inspirationald awaken inspirationals the soul to spiritual expan inspirationalsion inspirational. Jasper stren inspirationalgthen inspirationals your con inspirationaln inspirationalection inspirational to the earth. It is a warm an inspirationald protective ston inspirationale. This bracelet comes with a beautiful turquoise silk pouch for storage. Choose your bracelet size by measurin inspirationalg your wrist an inspirationald then inspirational addin inspirationalg .5 in inspirationalches to that measuremen inspirationalt.

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