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flowers, Vintage Gold Tone Metal Flower Brooch And Clip On Earrings L130



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VINTAGE GOLD TONE METAL FLOWER BROOCH AND CLIP ON EARRINGS. NO MAKERS MARKS. GREAT CONDITION. BROOCH MEASURES APP. 3 1/4" TALL. CLIP ON EARRINGS MEASURE APP. 3/4" LONG. PLEASE EMAIL ME ANY QUESTIONS.ALL MY JEWELRY AND OTHER ITEMS LOOK BETTER IN PERSON THAN MY PHOTOGRAPHS SHOW THEM.IF YOU THINK THE SHIPPING PRICE IS TO HIGH PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH YOUR ZIPCODE OR THE NAME OF YOUR COUNTRY FOR AN EXACT QUOTE. IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE YOUR ITEM RIGHT AWAY I CAN ALWAYS REIMBURSE ANY OVER CHARGED SHIPPING BACK TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT AFTER I MAIL YOUR PACKAGE *******I am addin flowersg this to all my sales pages from n flowersow on flowers: I buy my for sell items at auction flowerss, flea markets, yard sales etc. I am n flowersot sen flowerssitive to smells as smoke etc. I do n flowersot kn flowersow the history behin flowersd an flowersy of these items. Up till this date ( Jun flowerse 14, 2018 ) of the 5,000 plus items I have sold on flowersly three people said their item smelled like smoke. Two of these items were purses an flowersd on flowerse was a doll. So if you are sen flowerssitive to smells please email me an flowersd I will try to smell, or have a frien flowersd smell, the item for you ********

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