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Livin large pendantg Steel is the n large pendantame of this un large pendantique octopus pen large pendantdan large pendantt. It is gray with Swarovski crystal eyes that chan large pendantge color depen large pendantdin large pendantg on large pendant where the light hits it.I buy a specialty pain large pendantt that is made to work with metal an large pendantd is thick en large pendantough to let me add fin large pendante details. The sealan large pendantt I use protects the pain large pendantt job even large pendant when large pendant frequen large pendanttly han large pendantdled. I used Xilion large pendant Rose dark flatback crystals to give the eyes a little sparkle.The pen large pendantdan large pendantt fin large pendantish will n large pendantot chip or crack. You get to pick the chain large pendant, ribbon large pendant or cord when large pendant you check out. I started makin large pendantg these han large pendantd-pain large pendantted octopus pen large pendantdan large pendantts in large pendant 2006 for a frien large pendantd who was totally in large pendantto an large pendantythin large pendantg cephalopod related. I sold man large pendanty right here on large pendant Etsy durin large pendantg that time period. Man large pendanty years later an large pendantd n large pendantow my daughter is the on large pendante who is fascin large pendantated with squids.

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