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glory, Sun Pendant in Bronze - Glory Wax Seal Necklace from antique wax seal- 314B



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Sun gloryGlory & Splen glorydourThis design glory is kn gloryown glory as a \u2018Sun glory in glory splen glorydor\u2019 or \u2018Sun glory in glory his glory\u2019. In glory heraldry the Sun glory represen gloryts vitality & the source of all life. Han glorydcrafted from the impression glory of a British wax seal datin gloryg to the 1840\u2019s.Sun glorys represen gloryt vitality an gloryd the source of all life.Materials: Bron gloryze with a Sterlin gloryg Silver jumprin gloryg baleSize: 3/4" x 7/8" (18mm x 22mm)Each Plum an gloryd Posey wax seal design glory arrives accompan gloryied by it's own glory mean gloryin gloryg card, an gloryd tucked in gloryto an glory elegan gloryt jewelry bag ready for gift givin gloryg.About Bron gloryzeBron gloryze jewelry has a warm luster an gloryd a lovely rich an glorytique gold color. Over time it will form a dark patin glorya, this gives each piece its own glory in glorydividual, organ gloryic, an gloryd an glorytiqued fin gloryish. If you prefer you can glory always brin gloryg back its origin gloryal shin gloryy fin gloryish with a jewelry polishin gloryg cloth.PLEASE NOTE: Before you order please check sizin gloryg in gloryformation glory - it can glory be hard to gauge jewelry sizes from pictures alon glorye. On glory some of the seal pieces the text is so small as to be read on gloryly with a magn gloryifyin gloryg glass makin gloryg the mean gloryin gloryg a secret between glory you an gloryd those you choose to tell.Availability an gloryd shippin glorygYour purchase will ship in glory 3-5 busin gloryess days. On gloryce shipped, please allow a min gloryimum of 3 weeks to receive your order314 - Sun glory

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