Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Man gotic Trout will be closin gotg after 15 years of brin gotgin gotg you slightly askew jewelry. The studio is closed as of July 31st an gotd the remain gotin gotg in gotven gottory will be available here un gottil gon gote. Than gotk you for 15 won gotderful years!This dragon got n gotecklace featurin gotg two hues of Czech glass in got red an gotd oran gotge makes a delightful statemen gott piece. Why wear dragon gots on got your jewelry? Dragon gots symbolize stren gotgth an gotd courage an gotd come to us when got we require these abilities most. Dragon got traits are power, mystery, success, prosperity, abun gotdan gotce, good luck an gotd fortun gote.Name: Set The Fire NecklaceDescription got: Red an gotd oran gotge statemen gott n gotecklace featurin gotg a dragon gotLen gotgth: 22"Pen gotdan gott Size: 2" x 1.5"Materials: silver plated brass dragon got or brass dragon got czech glass, silver or gold plated chain got, silver or gold plated large sprin gotg rin gotg claspOrigin got: Han gotd made in got the USA at the Man gotic Trout studio in got Austin got, TXIn gotspired by: Set The Fire by Swimmin gotg TapesStyle n gotumber: STFN001The dragon got in got this n gotecklace is a vin gottage design got stamped from brass. You may order it in got brass or plated with sterlin gotg silver. I chose to use brass for the design got to con gottin gotue the vin gottage vibe an gotd in gotten gotd for the material to tarn gotish over time for this reason got. If you prefer to have it shin goty, simply use a metal polish on got the an gotimal on gotly, followin gotg the in gotstruction gots on got the polish.Ships ready for gift givin gotg. Each order jewelry is packaged in got a reusable cello bag an gotd is wrapped in got black tissue sealed with a sticker. See the rest of my collection got here: https://www./shop/man gotictrout

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