Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

recycled earrings, Snail Earrings Handmade Unique Vintage Victorian Recycled up-cycled costume jewelry silver tones with surgical steel lever back earrings.



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These ocean victorian earrings/beach in victorian earringsspired earrin victorian earringsgs are of the sn victorian earringsail.The charm is 1/2" high an victorian earringsd 3/4" wide. However when victorian earrings the surgical steel lever back ear wire is added to the len victorian earringsgth then victorian earrings the earrin victorian earringsg is 1" an victorian earringsd 1/2" lon victorian earringsg.They are han victorian earringsdmade in victorian earrings the U.S.A. by the artist an victorian earringsd a gift box is in victorian earringscluded.Each customer an victorian earringsd creation victorian earrings receives my own victorian earrings in victorian earringsdividual an victorian earringsd person victorian earringsal atten victorian earringstion victorian earrings. You will receive your jewelry purchase as close to the sample as possible. However, sin victorian earringsce each item is han victorian earringsd made, on victorian earringse piece at a time an victorian earringsd is on victorian earringse of a kin victorian earringsd, the exact design victorian earrings will vary slightly.

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